customise with your brand

the ultimate marketing strategy for any clinic or practitioner

Personalisation of our tape provides you with a marketing strategy like no other.

Imagine the local running race, football tournament or swimming gala, where athletes warm up, compete and cool down in front of other athletes, spectators and officials wearing your branding.

Imagine watching a televised sporting event such as The London Marathon or The Great North Run and seeing your company name/charity/event being televised to millions!

The key is our low minimum order quantity…
Have you ever looked into getting your own supply of personalised tape before Podium Tape came to the market? Historically, tape brands have quoted their minimum order quantity for personalisation requiring an investment of in excess of 1000 rolls of tape.

Here at Podium tape our minimum order quantity is just 16 x 5m rolls!’

We have 2 levels of customisation for you to choose from

1. Our Standard Customisation Service:
Upload your logo or design and we print it on a choice of our standard tape colours (Pink, Blue, Black or Beige) inside a choice of three frames (oval, rectangle or square)

2. Our Full Customisation Service 
Upload your logo or design and choose the colour of tape that you would like to compliment your image. Choose whether your logo or image is in a frame (as per standard customisation) or is wrapped around by your choice of complimentary tape colour.


as easy as 1, 2, 3…

simply follow our 3 step process…


Step One:
Select your preferred level of customisation

Step Two:
Select ‘Customise’ to load the product designer and upload your own logo, place it as you’d like it on the tape and when you’re happy with how it looks, click done!

Step Three:
Place your order (16 rolls minimum), make your payment and wait for your tape to arrive! We aim to have your order delivered to you within 10-14 working days

Marcus - Triathlete & Clinic Owner

I have used just about every tape on the market and actually felt very happy with the brand I was using. It was almost by accident that I discovered Podium tape when I borrowed some at an event. From the very first application I knew I had to have this tape in my clinic. The quality and feel are outstanding, it lasted so much longer than I was used to, but the most defining characteristic for me was that the tape so was so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing it. I will never use another brand of tape again.

niamh - Sports Therapist

At last a tape brand that not only looks the best, but I can promote my company on all my clients now. It’s the best marketing strategy I have ever used

Joanne - Kayaker

5 days on and still looked as good as new - I am blown away’

Jimmy - Physiotherapist

love seeing my logo on clients once taped. The clients love it to, everyone reports how professional it looks and what a great idea. This single product has brought me more new patients in one month that all my other, more expensive strategies put together.

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