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Marcus - Triathlete & Clinic Owner

I have used just about every tape on the market and actually felt very happy with the brand I was using. It was almost by accident that I discovered Podium tape when I borrowed some at an event. From the very first application I knew I had to have this tape in my clinic. The quality and feel are outstanding, it lasted so much longer than I was used to, but the most defining characteristic for me was that the tape so was so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing it. I will never use another brand of tape again.

niamh - Sports Therapist

At last a tape brand that not only looks the best, but I can promote my company on all my clients now. It’s the best marketing strategy I have ever used

Joanne - Kayaker

5 days on and still looked as good as new - I am blown away’

Jimmy - Physiotherapist

love seeing my logo on clients once taped. The clients love it to, everyone reports how professional it looks and what a great idea. This single product has brought me more new patients in one month that all my other, more expensive strategies put together.

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